LT Nast (@LTNast652) – That VA Cat is “One Hell of A Rapper”

Everybody’s talking about the latest news in the industry right now…. With the winter creeping in for some and decent in most, the music is getting pumped out in phenomenal rates.  Fourth quarter is proving to be a record year and what most are touting as legendary as artists are choosing to change lanes and go back to what real music has always been and the business of it all.  One particular artist is none other than LT Nast. Currently LT Nast is working on his upcoming album, a follow up to his recently released LP “LET ME BE THE LT” which features hit single called “Feelin’ Like It’s Friday”, a track that brings that down south summertime feeling, by releasing a new track December 9th, 2015, “Boomerang”.  This track brings a club feel, making the ladies jump out their seats and get on the floor and throw it like a boomerang.  LT Nast is expected to be the next up and coming in the Hip Hop Industry as he diligently purses his dreams. This amazing talent coming from a small corner of the state of Virginia called Mineral, VA proves only one thing…The most amazing talent can be right under your nose.  Be sure to follow LT Nast (@LTNast652 on Instagram/Twitter and The-LT-Nast on Facebook) as he plows through the industry with his smooth southern style and lyrics.  For more information, press, and media inquiries for LT Nast contact or go to

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Be Ready for BOOMERANG set to release on ITunes Dec. 9th, 2015

LT Nast - Boomerang Cover Artwork

LT Nast - Feelin Like Its Friday Cover Artwork