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Monique B. (@monique510) aka #MoFit virtually leads us into a healthier 2016!!

If you ever wanted to just get into seriously tightening up your body mind and lifestyle, then here is the lady that can help you accomplish that goal and bring immediate results.  With healthy meal prep help to quick burn fat sessions done in the privacy of your chosen space, ‘MoniB’ directs you into a healthier lifestyle that anyone who stays committed can adjust to.  Her meals allow you to still enjoy fulfilling tasty plates that don’t skip out on flavor and her workouts target those needed areas but still tone other parts of the body at the same time!! Building core, upper and lower body strength, MoniB can help build lean muscle, increase vertical heights and reduce run times by favorable measures.  Be sure to follow Monique B. aka MoniB (@iamMo5ive on Instagram/Twitter and Monique Battiste on Facebook) as gets geared up for a healthier 2016.  For more information, press, and media inquiries for MoniB contact or go to

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