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#ExtraExtra MavTones Productions comes in and cleans house on the MyLyfe Roster!! @MavTonesMusic

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If you ever wanted to see the creation of a true duo production team or you ever wonder what two totally different ears could produce major hits, well look no further.  MyLyfe Productions is proud to add MavTones Productions to its re-organized roster.  The duo likes to say ‘We came and clean house.’ And we couldn’t agree more.

A power house in each of their own rights, both well versed producers, songwriters, directors and even an engineers, Antone Amalbert aka ‘Tone’ and Marcus Roberts aka ‘MavTraxx’ come together to join Pop/Rock/RnB/Jazz/Top 40 with Funk/Soul/Hip Hop/EDM together, creating some of the most moving sounds in the entertainment, film, television and commercial production world.. With a combined background in music and a massive catalog to show for it, this team is bound to break open doors for musicians and artists around the world.

Be sure to follow MavTones Productions (@MavtonesProductions on Instagram and @MavTonesMusic on Twitter and MavTones Productions on Facebook) For more information, press, and media inquiries for MavTones Productions contact or go to

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