“The Renaissance, Vol. 1” Available for Streaming and Download on @Datpiff 🎧📲💻

Listen to the latest production project “The Renaissance, Vol. 1”, now on Datpiff, which showcases our exclusive music production team’s musical talents which is not limited to just beat making but includes vocal arrangements and writing skills on each track.

These tracks are ready to be leased or bought by the next great talent.

This 7 track EP is now available and ready to be steamed or downloaded.

Just click on the Datpiff logo and get ready to hear a relieving sound that the industry has been missing for years.


#NeedingProduction 🎶

Contact us as our client storms through the industry with their unparalleled music production and engineering services.

Visit https://mylyfeproductions.com/category/clients/mavtones-productions/ or http://www.mavtonesproductions.com to see more on this amazing duo production team.


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