2021 The Year of the Ox

This year has been a blessing to our company as we add to the lineup of major clients, projects, and events we officially represent in the public and private sector. 

Our focus this year is to add more value to community-based projects that consist of non-profit, educational, mental health, and financial wellness driven topics.

This Year It Is About Family And Community

As each quarter progresses, MyLyfe Productions will bring you multiple big projects & events to participate in. Whether you’re an entrepreneur of many facets or interested in the business services with MyLyfe Productions, brace yourself for 2021…


We are excited to announce that we are now a HUB Certified company in Texas.  This means that our services will be more streamlined and organized to better serve our customers.

If your company is interested in securing a vendor opportunity or advertising on any one of the exciting projects we currently have please contact us at cristina.birdsong@mylyfeproductions.com or 940.204.2284 to begin processing your paperwork.

We are excited to add new projects every day to our diverse clientele base. Submit your company no matter how big or small.

WELCOME TO THE MyLyfe Productions FAMILY!!