Balloon Release Set for Former NBA Player Andre Emmett

Dallas, Texas-Opulent Public Relations and Event Management, LLC announced today the official “Andre Emmett Balloon Release”. The public is invited to release red & white balloons in representation of Carter High & Texas Tech University. The release is scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2019, 7:00 p.m. at David W. Carter High School, 1819 W. Wheatland Rd, Dallas, Texas 75232.

Source: Chrissy Haynie: Opulent PREM 2019

Monique B. (@monique510) aka #MoFit virtually leads us into a healthier 2016!!

If you ever wanted to just get into seriously tightening up your body mind and lifestyle, then here is the lady that can help you accomplish that goal and bring immediate results.  With healthy meal prep help to quick burn fat sessions done in the privacy of your chosen space, ‘MoniB’ directs you into a healthier lifestyle that anyone who stays committed can adjust to.  Her meals allow you to still enjoy fulfilling tasty plates that don’t skip out on flavor and her workouts target those needed areas but still tone other parts of the body at the same time!! Building core, upper and lower body strength, MoniB can help build lean muscle, increase vertical heights and reduce run times by favorable measures.  Be sure to follow Monique B. aka MoniB (@iamMo5ive on Instagram/Twitter and Monique Battiste on Facebook) as gets geared up for a healthier 2016.  For more information, press, and media inquiries for MoniB contact or go to

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CJ Carter (@therealCJCarter) – Branding an Unseen Monster

CJ Carter is best known for his dedication to the gym and his need to be better than himself every day. Training and working with teams in the NBA such as the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma Thunder, New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks, Mr. Carter is not new to the need for passion and hard work that the game requires.

Nobody can begin to tell you his journey like CJ Carter. Understanding the essence of growth and being a great leader, this man knows the good, bad and the hard ugly truth about his world professionally and personally. Be sure to follow CJ Carter (@therealCJCarter on Instagram/Twitter and CJ Carter on Facebook) as he takes on Mission Impossible – A Journey Back To The Court of the Soul.  For more information, press, and media inquiries for CJ Carter contact or go to

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Monster Athlete Talks About His Beastly Moves On & Off the Fields @MartellTeamT3 #ItsAFreeBandzThing @SDSportsDaily

We told you months ago to be on the lookout for this guy.  He just keeps popping up in the circle that too few get access too. Martell Smith-Williams has definitely navigated on and off the field as he balances career and living a life that is his to say the least, his job. Intelligent and smooth in a shocking intellectual business conversation that begins successful projects with his family, you can’t help but keep your eye on this crazy, fun but all to serious man when it comes to getting that thing they call Bandz …. #Freebandz!!!  #MyLyfeProductionsApproved

To read the article Click Here →→ Never gonna lose: Martell Smith-Williams on and off the field

Watch “Martell Smith-Williams “New Season New Beginning” road to glory… #ItsJustTheBeginning

We here at MyLyfe Productions couldn’t be more proud of our youngest roster lineups as they prepare for the long road to glory. One imparticluar is Martell Smith-Williams. We watch as he naviagtes on and off the field. This bright, shining and rising star can handle the hits on the field and in a business setting. Don’t under estimate this smooth but sidelining young man as he will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months. #MyLyfeProductionsApproved