#ExtraExtra MavTones Productions comes in and cleans house on the MyLyfe Roster!! @MavTonesMusic

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If you ever wanted to see the creation of a true duo production team or you ever wonder what two totally different ears could produce major hits, well look no further.  MyLyfe Productions is proud to add MavTones Productions to its re-organized roster.  The duo likes to say ‘We came and clean house.’ And we couldn’t agree more.

A power house in each of their own rights, both well versed producers, songwriters, directors and even an engineers, Antone Amalbert aka ‘Tone’ and Marcus Roberts aka ‘MavTraxx’ come together to join Pop/Rock/RnB/Jazz/Top 40 with Funk/Soul/Hip Hop/EDM together, creating some of the most moving sounds in the entertainment, film, television and commercial production world.. With a combined background in music and a massive catalog to show for it, this team is bound to break open doors for musicians and artists around the world.

Be sure to follow MavTones Productions (@MavtonesProductions on Instagram and @MavTonesMusic on Twitter and MavTones Productions on Facebook) For more information, press, and media inquiries for MavTones Productions contact mylyfeproductions@gmail.com or go to www.mylyfeproductions.com/MavTonesProductions.

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Antone Amalbert – A New Ear for A New Era


Music has come a long way from the days of old, where real horn blowing, piano pressing, string plucking, drum pounding bands existed at every live performance and ‘can’t fast forward’ 8-tracks and 45 vinyls ruled our playback technology.  With the introductions of massive technologies within the entertainment industry, the sounds became more familiar with each new single, and more commercialized. Commercialized? Well let’s say watered down. Rarely do you see any radio play worthy track produced with the energy of real musical talents in the background, coupled together with moving lyrics and organization.

Well we have found something new for all music lovers.  MyLyfe Productions is very excited add a new player to the artistry world. And when we say player, we don’t mean he’s the regular breed we’ve seen recently in the industry. Antone Amalbert is an acoustic master when it comes to the craft in every sense. A producer, songwriter, director and even an engineer, ‘anTone’ is far from your ‘closet and basement’ producer. With an extensive background in music and a massive catalog to show for it, this musical savant is hailed to be the next big producer. From music, to tv/film, his production and sound will be heard, and the true musician will know it’s ‘Tone’!

Be sure to follow Antone Amalbert (@BrassBruiser on Instagram and @MavTonesII on Twitter and Antone Amalbert on Facebook) as he retrains your ear in this new era. For more information, press, and media inquiries for Antone Amalbert contact mylyfeproductions@gmail.com or go to www.mylyfeproductions.com/AntoneAmalbert

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Monster Athlete Talks About His Beastly Moves On & Off the Fields @MartellTeamT3 #ItsAFreeBandzThing http://wp.me/p4ome9-6d @SDSportsDaily

We told you months ago to be on the lookout for this guy.  He just keeps popping up in the circle that too few get access too. Martell Smith-Williams has definitely navigated on and off the field as he balances career and living a life that is his to say the least, his job. Intelligent and smooth in a shocking intellectual business conversation that begins successful projects with his family, you can’t help but keep your eye on this crazy, fun but all to serious man when it comes to getting that thing they call Bandz …. #Freebandz!!!  #MyLyfeProductionsApproved

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Now Booking @DrummaBoyFRESH and Moreno BHLV for 1st & 2nd Quarter 2015

MyLyfe Productions is excited to announce that we are now booking Drumma Boy and Moreno BHLV in all markets for interviews, events, club hosting and private events.

Drumma Moreno BHLV Bottles

If you are interested and would like to inquire about booking packages please contact us by filling out the form below….. PLEASE SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!