Joel and Angela of A&B Mascot Shows – Gulfport, MS

We needed a website done in a hurry but didn’t want to lose quality for a fast job.  We contacted Ms. Birdsong at MyLyfe Productions and she gave us several cost effective options that fit our budget.  She was very helpful and sent information to help us get her what she needed to build our site as we aren’t very versed in technology.  Within no time it seemed, she had sent the link to our website so we could see what she had come up with and we were very happy.  A few days later she told us we were ready to go and in less than a month after hiring her for this project we had our very first booking done online.  Scheduling and payment processing were an ease and everything down to our contract agreements are available online. We have nothing but rave reviews about the website and can’t wait to add more pictures, videos and updates to the site.

Thanks MyLyfe Productions. This definitely made new small business ownership a lot easier for us!!