@LTNast652 tearing up the dance floor with the ladies loving the latest single “Boomerang” Now on #ITunes

LT Nast’s latest single “Boomerang” slowly gains momentum in the holiday season as the time for energy filled nights on the club scene grows closing out 2015! As the east-south coast rapper works on new tracks for his upcoming album slated to drop in the first half of the year, check him out on ITunes/Google Play Store/Amazon as he delivers his rivaled sound and realness on “Boomerang“. Watch his latest video “Feeling Like It’s Friday” on YouTube now.

Have you watched @JeanMichaels_ “Lost Fugee Remix” on #YouTube Yet?

Watch Jean Michaels give clean and simple visuals for his phenomenal track “Lost Fugee Remix” on YouTube.  You thought his delivery was sick, then you’ll appreciate his always modest approach when in the spotlight. He is definitely an artist to watch… 2016 has a lot in store for this young artist.


Watch “Martell Smith-Williams “New Season New Beginning” road to glory… #ItsJustTheBeginning

We here at MyLyfe Productions couldn’t be more proud of our youngest roster lineups as they prepare for the long road to glory. One imparticluar is Martell Smith-Williams. We watch as he naviagtes on and off the field. This bright, shining and rising star can handle the hits on the field and in a business setting. Don’t under estimate this smooth but sidelining young man as he will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months. #MyLyfeProductionsApproved

Watch lost footage from “Martell Smith-Williams Birthday in Dallas” with @mylyfeproductns February 2015

Watch lost footage of #MartellSmithWilliams (@martellteamt3a1 on Instagram), our rising star, as he drops in town for a last minute gathering at Winstons SupperClub in Dallas, Texas with CEO, Cristina Birdsong and some of the lovely crew of MyLyfe Productions, LLC.